Sightings by Other People I Know

by Paul Nahay

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[Annotations in square brackets by Paul Nahay]

"I was walking from my next-door-neighbor's house to mine in the fall of '74 or '75.  [Location: west of Atlanta, GA.] I was (and still am) a stargazer - I like to just sit and look at the stars on a clear night, and it was a very clear night.  I leaned up against my chain-link fence as I looked up at the sky, and something caught my eye.  You see, I was in the process of trying to learn constellations, so any pattern in the sky got my full attention.

"I saw a ring of lights just to the south of my position.  They were high in the sky, and I would judge several thousand feet up.  They had no color--just white points.  The ring was almost complete when I noticed it, with about 6 or 7 lights making up the ring, except for a gap on the west edge.  As I watched, another light appeared from the west - straight as an arrow - and filled in the gap.  Each light was exactly the same size and color, and they were all exactly the same distance apart.

"This could theoretically have been a squadron of helicopters performing maneuvers, but I just don't think so."
--Todd Fuder, Atlanta, GA, 9/14/98

"Of course, you know I've no doubt as to the reality of UFOs because of my personal experience at Frostburg, Md. in October, 1968."

--Cheryl Woerner, Takoma Park, MD, 5/7/98


"I read your web site version.  Details of how the UFO looked and acted have been omitted, such as:  it was the size of a three-story house, it was a neutral metallic gray, derby-shaped, with red lights flashing  alternately on and off, that it made no sound.  The name of the junior who summoned me, Barbara Williams, a geography major, was omitted. If you want to attribute this incident to me by name, that's OK.

Best Wishes,
A See-er and Believer"

--Cheryl Woerner, Takoma Park, MD, 9/28/98

"Anyway, here's my correction to your description (as detailed as can be recalled) - BTW, writing this gave me chills, because of the naivete and casualness with which we regarded the whole thing. I also just realized why the girl might not want to talk about this (remember I called her a few months ago and she had no recollection at all?) - perhaps she knows more than we do and doesn't want us to know.  Strangely, I'm actually crying as I type this. Oh, well. I hope this inspires more detailed responses from the club of freaks of which I'm now a full member.


"Reported by John (no other information about me please) -

"Atlantic City Expressway, NJ
November 1979

"After a successful underage gambling experience at Resorts International, John, age 17, was driving towards Philadelphia on the Atlantic City Expressway, about 20 minutes west of Atlantic City, with 2 high school acquaintances (with whom he normally didn't spend much time), at night. The three were  16-year-old Doug, a socially maladjusted black underachieving Protestant boy, 16-year-old Sandy, a hard-working yet unfocused white Jewish girl, and John, a 17-year-old white Catholic boy honor student - a cross-section of New Jersey society - united only by being in the same school choir and desiring to break the law and gamble at a casino.

"As the three acquaintances drove back home from Atlantic City, in what was then a remote area of the expressway, the three of them saw what appeared to be a hovering flying saucer, about 200-500 feet above the ground, so they pulled over to the side of the road to get a better look. Since it was about 11 pm on a Friday night, there were very few cars heading out of Atlantic City, and no other cars pulled over in that area. The boys, excited by the prospect of meeting aliens, got out of the car and walked around the grassy area, screaming and beckoning to the saucer, which was behind the car at that point, while the fearful and shy Sandy remained in the car.

"The saucer had a large row of angled, tapered windows. Alien beings of traditional alien/humanoid form stood and looked peacefully out at the people below for a few moments (while presumably they operated their ship, or it operated itself). No conversation occurred between the aliens and the boys. The craft hovered in complete silence for a couple minutes, then quickly and silently moved away. The boys were disappointed about not meeting the aliens up close, but they were very excited. They got back into the car and drove off with the girl.

"In the next town, John called the police from a phone booth to report the UFO, and the police said that they had received several reports of UFO's that night in that area. As strange as the experience was, John, Doug, and Sandy did not discuss the incident when they got back home to Turnersville, New Jersey, mostly because they didn't have much contact with each other, and also they didn't want anyone to know they had gone gambling.

"Nineteen years later, in 1998, the grown-up Sandy, a college drop-out living in New York City, said she did not have any recollection of the incident (basically that she remembered going to Atlantic City, but never saw any UFO), but she did say that Doug had burglarized her family's house in New Jersey within a couple years after the alleged sighting, and that Doug had been in prison but Sandy did not know where he was. John moved to California six months after the sighting, but he has kept his memory of the incident clear through frequently recounting it to California friends over the years. John suspects that the aliens may have chosen to reveal themselves to these three people because they knew there was less risk that their appearance would be revealed, owing to the lack of contact that the three had. John also thinks that Doug may have been under alien influence in robbing Sandy's family, and that Sandy knows more than she's willing to reveal, either because of repressed memories or motivated forgetting. The incident and all surrounding details remain mysterious."

--"John", 10/20/98

Follow-up questions by Paul Nahay:

 "It moved south. I remember it having no lights except for the interior lighting visible through the windows. It was motionless, then moved at high speed, I'd estimate probably no more than 60-100 mph at first, and then accelerating until it was out of our sight.  It looked something like the bitmap enclosed, looking at it from the end."  UfoShip.bmp
--10/21/98  "Perhaps an experiment was going on. No evidence of this, really."

"Dear Mr. Nahay,

Thank you for your e-mail and for your kind words about my book.  As you can tell from your friends, the UFO (and abduction) phenomenon is extraordinarily widespread.  The question that is perhaps more important for your friends' sightings is why did they see the objects rather than what did they see."

Dr. David M. Jacobs, 2/12/98
Department of History
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122