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1013 Rosemere Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20904-3008
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Professional References

(in alphabetical order)
Company/Contact Info Relationship to Me
Mr. David Buchanan
Lead Developer
SRA International, Inc.
Global Health Sector
Rockville, Maryland
Was my supervisor on a Java consulting project I was hired by Constella Group (now SRA International, Inc.) to assist on in the autumn of 2007. The project was to create an application for the National Cancer Institute to facilitate the promotion of community-based cancer programs.
Mr. Elden Carnahan
Web/Perl Developer
U.S. Department of Defense
Ft. Meade, Maryland
301-646-3598 (cell)

Mr. Carnahan was a web development client of mine in April 2009, and wrote this on April 14, 2009:

I retained a technology training company to extend and sharpen my largely self-taught skills in HTML and to learn JavaScript. It was my good fortune that Mr. Nahay was assigned to teach the class. In that short week I gained the insight and confidence I needed to proceed on my own. Mr. Nahay knew the material inside and out and presented it in a way that let the class members build on the skills they already had and reach for further competence.

Ms. Meg Fullem
Triple M Training Solutions
Olney, Maryland
240-246-5202 (cell)
Training broker for whom I have worked since 1996, and through whom I have done the majority of my contract training/consulting work.
Ms. Catherine Hess
Web Producer
The Humane Society of the United States
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Client for whom, in 2002, I wrote a custom Perl program which manipulates and sorts mailing list databases, to satisfy complex bulk mail requirements by the U.S. Postal Service. 
Mr. David P. Johnson, Ph.D.
Acting Director of Computer Studies
University of Maryland University College
Adelphi, Maryland
I first met Dr. Johnson on December 22, 2008. He hired me, and was my supervisor, when I taught as an Adjunct Assistant Professor for University of Maryland University College in January 2009.
Mr. Kent E. Malwitz
Vice President
UMBC Training Centers
Baltimore, Maryland
I've known Mr. Malwitz since I started doing contract training work for UMBC Training Centers in July 2003.
Mr. Martin Mangold
Almanack Software & Consulting
Rockville, Maryland
240-372-3276 (cell)
A development colleague, who took my C++ class in 1999, and for whom I did Delphi consulting work in 1996. Has known me since 1980.
Mr. Robert Oberg
Object Innovations, LLC
Charlotte, North Carolina

Corporate courseware author and publisher, whose courseware I have taught from since 2006, and who has recommended me for corporate training consulting work. He contracted me to serve as Technical Editor for his Course 418: Web Services Using C# and ASP.NET and Course 428: Web Services Using Visual Basic and ASP.NET courseware titles.

On March 9, 2009, Mr. Oberg wrote this at LinkedIn:

Paul has taught a number of Object Innovations courses and always did an excellent job. He has consistently provided detailed and helpful feedback on the course materials. His feedback was of such high quality that I asked him to edit a course on Web Services Using ASP.NET. He did a great job on this task, completing it in a timely manner. He is very detail oriented and meticulous and careful. He has also shown considerable initiative in finding opportunities to use Object Innovations course materials, and he has become a very valued and trusted business partner. He also shows great interest in new courses, displaying a lively interest in new technologies. And he has continued to provide helpful feedback as he reviews new courses.

Mr. T.W. Randall
The Randall Group, Inc.
Reston, Virginia
Training company owner and training broker for whom I have worked steadily since 2001, primarily for America Online University in Dulles, Virginia.
Mr. John Sawoski
Professional Hollywood Keyboardist, Composer, Producer, and Musical Director
Los Angeles, California
In 1997, he and I co-founded Swan Orchestral Systems, which I later took over myself. Has known me since 1985 when he was an undergraduate student of mine at Stanford University, while I was a full-time faculty member there.
Mr. Gary Stolovy
U.S. Dept. of Defense
Silver Spring, MD
301-394-4238 (office)
301-681-4117 (home)
I have known Mr. Stolovy since 1977, was his roommate at the University of Maryland at College Park from 1978 to 1979, and shared an apartment with him from 1995 to 2001.
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