Paul Nahay's Environment Page

  1. Paul Nahay in photograph that accompanied article that appeared in People magazine, October 19, 1998.
  2. "Man" by Steve Cutts. 3:36. Greatest animal rights/environmental destruction animation with a message of all time!
  3. New plastic items recyclable in Montgomery County, Maryland
  4. All the Water on Planet Earth
  5. The Stork, 3-minute, brilliant animation by Nina Paley. A must-see!
  6. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  7. Women who swear off having babies, to help save the planet!
  8. Must-see video about how we're killing the planet, and the people who have been murdered trying to protect her (about 5 minutes)
  9. Costing the Earth, excellent 3.5 minute video.
  10. Water-Powered Devices.
  11. Down With Illegal Signs!
  12. Pick Up America, a great organization that goes way beyond what I did with my Trash Force group (that picked up trash and recyclables throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, during approximately 75 outings from 1997 to 2001).
  13. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, which I fully support!
  14. The Animals Save the Planet (11 cute short animations from Animal Planent)

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